What does your online presence say about you? Are you looking to start a blog or establish a website? Do you know the difference between media and marketing? Are you doing too much, or not enough?

Social Media is not a one-size fits all commodity. Sure, there are guidelines and proven methods, and while you respect certain aspects, you also want to stand out in a crowd. I am a leader in social media and marketing. I can help you establish and maintain a healthy, attractive social media presence while doing what you do best: Being you.


as of May 26, 2018

Please note: Pre-appointment research fees are included with your package, and not additional.

  • Initial Consultation [min two hours, $125. Extended appointments pro-rated.]
    • Whether you are new to social media or just need a little guidance, I can help with an extensive evaluation of your current media set up and proposed needs, and establish a game plan to get you from A to Z on all your media sites.
  • Monthly Consultation [min one hour, $75. No minimum/limit three per client per month.]
    • With an individualized consultation, Molly Jo will review your current media plan, and advise on upcoming events and postings. Have a special event or giveaway? Need to know what’s working and what isn’t? Looking to try something new? Let’s hash it out together to create your personalized goals and a plan to get you there.
  • Social Media Management and Marketing [NO LONGER AVAILABLE; PLEASE READ.]
    • Preivously, this service was offered as follows: “With a balanced focus on building your audience before you build your sales, I’ll work with you to structure and maintain your online connections and grow a stronger business base through social media and local/print marketing campaigns.” However, due to high demand, Molly Jo Realy is no longer accepting individual clients for monthy management and marketing contracts. It has been my experience that clients prefer guidance, not replacement. Therefore, the better opportunity is to help them with their individualized media plans via monthly consultations.
  • Book Launch Campaign [min. three months, $295.]
    • A successful launch is a journey, not a destination. I’ll help you blaze the trail from interest to sales and everything in between, utilizing proven marketing strategies both online and in person. The first month is dedicated to planning and behind-the-scenes preparation. After that, we’ll work together to share and generate interest in you as an author, and in your book. With a week-by-week plan and assignments, you’ll reap the benefits of your work and have less stress doing it.
  • Facebook Event [min. three weeks, $150.]
    • Whether you’re announcing a new position or book, Facebook Events are an efficient and friendly way to get the word out. I can guide you with helpful tips to grow your audience and market with these fun, interactive communities. The first week is dedicated to planning and behind-the-scenes preparation. Individualized postings and cross-linking will help generate the traffic you are seeking. Molly Jo’s day-by-day assignment plan will help you generate the excitement and involvement you’re seeking from your readers, and on the day of the event, she’ll be there to moderate the event so you can just relax and enjoy the fun.

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