Marilyn King

Giving a Shout Out

Giving a shout out to Molly Jo Realy for her editing services. I always look forward to her feedback. She makes my work shine. We as writers have the story, but it takes a good editor to nip and tuck our stories to give it the right touch. I’m fussy about my books going out into the market. I want them polished and ready. I’m confident they do just that after Molly edits them. If you are looking for a good editor, you might want to give Molly a try. I’m glad I did.

Marilyn King http://www.marilynking.net/ June 30, 2017

Jacqueline Patterson

Let Molly be Your Guide

Social Media Ninja Molly Jo Realy guided my first frightened steps into the realm of social media. Her advice and expertise saved me from the pitfalls I otherwise would have made. To any other writers hesitating on the outskirts of social media: take Molly Jo along on the journey. It may save your writing career before it even begins.

Jacqueline Patterson, Novelist and Dragon Tamer https://japatterson.com/ June 30, 2017

Beckie Lindsey

Her Engagement Shows Her Commitment

I'm so blessed to have worked with Molly Jo as an editor for my YA novel. Her engagement in my characters' lives and plights showed her commitment to the projects she takes on.
She was sharp, clear in her notes, and covered everything from little typos to bigger issues. She was great about telling me when I could explain something better or make a sentence read more smoothly while maintaining my writing voice. I highly recommend her services.

Beckie Lindsey, Author https://beckielindsey16.com/ June 30, 2017

Sandra Allen Lovelace

She Jumped Right In.

I needed help with starting a special Facebook group so I contacted Molly Jo Realy. Molly Jo jumped right in with valuable input and stuck with me via helpful hints until the job was complete.

Sandra Allen Lovelace, Author http://sandraallenlovelace.com/ July 1, 2017

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