If you are interested in editing services, please complete my EDITORIAL SERVICE BOOKING SURVEY.

Between genres, subgenres, agents and publisher expectations, it can be hard to keep up. All you want to do is write, right? Good thing for you, editing is my cup of tea!

I can take your manuscript from first draft to submission-ready.

Fees typically start at $0.03 per word. I’d say it’s my two cents plus interest. Really I’m helping you hone your narrative. The fees aren’t written in stone. For instance, a proofread/summary edit of a five page article would cost you less than a comprehensive edit of the same pages. Why? Because the rates are based on a starting hourly fee of $45. Sounds pricey when you total it up? I get that. But if you check around, you’ll see my ratings exceed my rates. I bring quality and efficiency to the table.

  • Projects less than 65,000 words are rated on an individual basis dependent upon pages and type of edit required
  • Comprehensive [Substantive/Content] Edit –
    • I cover basic formatting, grammar and punctuation, word usage, POV, character arc and development, fact checking and story flow. I’ll point out your manuscript’s strengths, weaknesses, and redundancies and help you polish it to be worthy of having your name on the cover.
  • Copy/Proofreading –
    • Once your manuscript has been editing through the rough draft, another set of eyes can pick out those little typos that may slip by. Proofreading includes basic spelling, grammar, punctuation, and minor content errors.
  • Rewrite/Ghostwrite – 
    • If your rough draft is too rough and you need help cleaning it up from the start, or if you have something to say and don’t know how to say it, a rewrite or ghostwrite project may be for you. In your voice, I’ll restructure your story from page one and include a comprehensive edit to make your manuscript shine.
  • Additional fees apply for rush projects.

If you are interested in editing services, please complete my EDITORIAL SERVICE BOOKING SURVEY.
For more information and my current fee sheet, please email me.

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