Hello, my lovelies.

It’s been a beautiful start to Spring, hasn’t it?
I love watching the sunset while drinking from my newest mug: a mostadorablesupercuteeveryoneshouldhaveone little ceramic zebra ~ ZEBRA, Y’ALL!!! ~ who looks like he’s taking a bath every time!

Molly Jo's Journals: Lavender Zee

Molly Jo’s Journals: Lavender Zee

I named him Lavender Zee because the first time I drank from his cute little abode (while, of course, also talking to him – “Hello in there!”) it was lavender tea. So “Lavender” was a must. (Also because Emmy, who gave me the cup, told me that should be his name.) And since he’s a zebra (which you know I’m all about) the Zee part just followed. In the pic above, however, we were indulging in some sparkling cider. Did someone say, YUMMM?

Anyway, I’m doing something a tad different for this journal entry, and rather than write, I invite you to view the following YouTube video.
It’s just over three minutes long, and I hope it brings you a sense of comfort and purpose.


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Be blessed.

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Come alive, stay wild, and always, savor the journey,

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