Do Not Insult a Hippogriff (or a Writer)

by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy)

The activity of writing is like a hippogriff, only I’ve tried to write this point five times and still can’t figure out if it’s the writer or the character I’m referring to.

My best friend Edie and I have a monthly routine. I pop on over to her house and we spend the day crafting and eating, and finish it off with a movie. Usually one of the Harry Potters. We’re trying to watch them in sequence. Thing is, we’ve watched them before but it’s been a while. And if we get distracted, or there’s been any length of time since viewing, we have to start over. Her husband lost count this summer on how many times we’ve watched the first and second movies. We’re supposed to be on No. 6 this month. Don’t you worry, Kirkle. We’ll get there.

I don’t think you noticed before (insert dripping sarcasm emoji here) by way of my quotes, reviews, and editorializing, but I’m a huge fan of movies. Like, Julia Roberts holding shopping bags huge. Rogue wave huge. And every time I try to walk away, I get pulled back in. But I always end up on top. Ok. Ten Mojo points if you can name the four movies I just referenced. And if you’re a bigger movie geek than me, I just may not be worthy of your companionship.

They say, (and by “they,” I mean people I’ve never met and who may not actually exist other than the royal “they,” but here we are anyway) the price of my love “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I’d rather take the thousand words for the win, please, Alex. Because as much talent as it takes to stroke a brush and make something come to life for a viewer, I think it takes more talent for a writer to take words and make their vision come to life … in someone else’s mind.

Hagrid sums it up quite nicely as he introduces us to Buckbeak in movie No. 3, The Prisoner of Azkaban. From the ancient Greek mythology, a hippogriff (also, hippogryph) is a beast with the front head, wings, and front legs/talons of an eagle, with the body, back legs and tail of a horse.

First thing you wanna know about hippogriffs, is that they’re very proud creatures,

Writers are proud creatures: We want you to see our majesty, to be recognized for the magic we create. As Danno said, “I wanna do what I’m good at. I wanna be reminded I’m good at what I do.”

Characters are proud creatures: They want to be recognized for the magic they are.

very easily offended.

Writers are like hippogriffs: Just because we create tough characters doesn’t mean we’re thick-skinned. I’m not sayin I cry if you look at me funny. (I’m also not sayin I don’t.) Being misunderstood goes with the territory, I guess. I keep trying to explain to Mom that I’m better on paper because, like food on the floor, there’s a five-second editing rule. I’m allowed a no-germ grace to revamp my words after I write them. Not true? Well, it is now!

Characters are like hippogriffs: Don’t like what they say/do/think? Tough! They regularly refuse to do what they’re told, and sulk in the recesses until they’re allowed to come out and play. It’s like no one told them there’d be days like this.

You do not want to insult a hippogriff.

Writers are like hippogriffs: I mean, really? You kinda don’t want to insult anyone, right? Unless you have a black heart in which case, do you even know you’re insulting? So you just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong.

Characters are like hippogriffs: This one’s a little less stringent. Now, I don’t wanna be mean for the sake of being mean. But have y’all heard the word antagonist? Think Joaquin Phoenix and his painted-on radiant smile.

It may just be the last thing you ever do.

Writers are like hippogriffs: Because there’s a good chance you’ll be written into, and then out of, our next novel. [Note to self: Make amends with the ex before he reads the next chapter. And the other ex for that other character. I mean scene. I mean …]

Characters are like hippogriffs: They’re either the one being written out of the book-life, or the reason for it. Don’t believe me? Just ask the guy formerly known as Ambudouglas. [A little editing humor for my NOLA peeps. #sorrynotsorry]

Not including Harry Potter, can you name the six movies and five TV shows referenced in this post? Click here to see if you’re write right!

What fictional entity is your creative spirit animal?

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