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So, I’m just gonna give you my bonus answer right up front, here:

They show episodes of The Waltons every week.

Who doesn’t love some John-Boy writing at the window? It’s why my writing desk is where it is, and why I call my apartment Walton Woods. Oh, to interview Richard Thomas some day and pick his brain about playing such an iconic, timeless character … but we can talk about that some other time. Right now we’re talking about one of the best channels on TV.

And here’s why:

8. It’s soothing. For realz. I’ve asked everyone a lot of some people why they like the Hallmark Channel, and the immediate reaction is the same: Their face softens, a stress seems to lift, and they smile. “I just do,” they say, as they exhale. Some will leave it at that. Others will dissertate on their favorite character or show. And I’m always all ears when it comes to Hallmark.

7. It’s full of dreams. Whether it’s a movie, a series (like Good Witch and When Calls the Heart), or the daily Home & Family show, every hour offers someone striving for something better.

6. It’s full of healthy competition. Not enemies. That’s a distinction some other channels sweep under the rug. They amplify individual conquering, or trickery to achieve goals. Hallmark shows and movies encourage characters to work together

without clawing the eyes out of their competition.

I find that refreshing and authentic.

5. It’s not always predictable. Sometimes, just like in real life, plans change and the characters learn to adapt and shift. The drama comes when they don’t do it well, or do without a good attitude. Yeah. That sounds like reality to me. {Anyone else? Bueller … Bueller?}

4. But it is reliable. You may not know exactly what you’re getting if you turn on the Hallmark Channel before checking the guide, but you do know it’s safe, suitable for family viewing, and uplifting. Like going to your favorite menu. You haven’t picked up the menu yet, but you know whatever you get, you’ll savor it. (And that’s my requisite #foodie reference for this post! winkwink)

3. It’s every town. Whether a location is named or not, when watching a Hallmark movie, I know, “That could happen in my city.” Oh, sure. Maybe not the perfect snowfall before the perfect kiss with the perfect man. (Still waiting on that, but again. That’s another story.)


But the relationships. The business interactions. The kismet meet-ups. It could happen here.

2. It’s educational. Say whaaat? I know. But it’s true. C’mon. At least once this year you’ve picked up a new recipe, kid’s craft, book recommendation (I hear NOLA is pretty good), or learned some life hack you didn’t know before. amiright?

And, finally, the best reason Hallmark is the best reality TV:

1. It’s a public glimpse into the private lives of characters we love. Sound familiar?

When’s the last time everyone you know posted everything about the good, the bad, and the ugly of their life?

Just as we put our best face forward on social media, so Hallmark does with its programming. It isn’t meant to be an unrealistic portrayal of life. It’s a peek ~ a tiny two-inch glimpse ~ of a current situation the characters are facing. Do y’all know how I look at 5am? What happens when someone cuts me off on the morning drive? Or how I feel when I haven’t heard from my child (my adult, married child who has her own life halfway across the country)? No. Those are things I keep to myself. But you do know when I have writers block. Or when the coffee cup is empty.

Because those are the things that are important to the story I’m tryin’ to tell ya, peeps!

So there it is. Eight Reasons Hallmark is the Best Reality TV. Got another reason? I’d love for you to drop a comment and share this post!

Molly Jo's Journals: Eight Reasons Hallmark is the Best Reality TV

Molly Jo’s Journals: Eight Reasons Hallmark is the Best Reality TV

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