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For the Love of Fall, y’all!

But first, firsts things first. Coffee. Mmmm. Okay. Now–oh, wait. Just kidding. One more sip. Okay NOW we’re ready to get down to business. Did you notice a new subscription pop-up? That’s because I upgraded to a new email manager. That’s fancy speak for, “Please resubscribe.” Even if you got here through an email link. Because it was probably the old one. And, you know. It looks better if I get your subscription organically instead of transferring it over (although I’m not beyond doing such things. Don’t make me pull this keyboard over!). Anyway. Yeah. Subscribe. Again. Still. Also … you know how I’m not tech-savvy? If you notice a bug or two, let me know (thanks, Brandon!), and I’ll do my best to make this transition easy on all of us.

And now, your feature presentation:

One of my most favorite things about fall (besides the PSLs, the annual West Wing viewing, and the impending holiday chaos stress delights), are leaves on pavement. It’s why I most often visited the Mission Inn and Casey’s Cupcakes in October more than any other month. It’s why I love living where I live now. Well, that and this gorgeous Stephen King-esque view I get to see every morning.

Molly Jo's Journals: For the Love of Fall (Leaves on Pavement)

Molly Jo’s Journals: For the Love of Fall (Leaves on Pavement)

Molly Jo's Journals: For the Love of Fall (Stephen King-esque View)

Molly Jo’s Journals: For the Love of Fall (Stephen King-esque View)

And, if we’re being real which [wait for it:] we always REALY are, (ba-DUMP-bump), it’s also one of the reasons I set NOLA in October. [Note to self: Petition New Orleans to move Mardi Gras from early in the year to late October.]

You know why else I like fall? Because so many of you do, too! Oh, don’t you try to hide behind your months-old tan and Tommy Bahamas. I can see you salivating at the aroma of crisp apple cider, poising your Instax camera at every yellow and gold leaf.

Let me give you one more reason to love this lovely season:

The Molly Jo Realy’s Molly Jo’s Journals Boost the Ratings Eclectic Gift Basket Giveaway, or, For the Love of Fall Giveaway, for short.

First, the goods. I know people. People who like me, and who want you to like me, er them. I mean, the season. So, without endorsement or sponsorship, I curated some product from companies I really like, and put them all together, just for one lucky winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you (drumroll, please):

The Gift Basket Giveaway.

Molly Jo's Journals: For the Love of Fall Gift Basket Giveaway

Molly Jo’s Journals: For the Love of Fall Gift Basket Giveaway (Leaves and Pavement not included.)

Contents include: a stuffed Wild lion from Ty, keychain and pens from Archer & Olive, original and raspberry cold brew and glass mason jar mug from Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, NOLA (Private Label) candle from Dude Candle, Boho Bee phone grip from PopSocket, and Baye Mini from CalPak.

Two other winners will each receive one of either the Tea with Me dot grid journal or the You GLOW, Girl! Business Planner/Journal.

TERMS: Blah blah. Sweepstakes begins 9am on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 and ends at 11:59pm on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Blah blah. See actual sweepstakes disclaimer for more details. Blah.

Why am I doing this?

Because some weeks ago I let y’all know I was going to relaunch my social media presence, and you stayed to see what it was all about. You’ve encouraged, inspired, and cheerleaded me on. This is my way of saying thanks. Oh. And if you haven’t yet, click here to download two free short stories.

So here’s how it’s done. Check out the Rafflecopter below. Do the deeds. Share the fun. And in a week, three someones will get an email letting them know they have 48 hours to respond and accept their prize. Fine print: Failure to respond or accept prize will automatically forfeit that prize. A second drawing may or may not occur, but is not required.

So. Y’all ready to fall for some fun? Oh, look. I made a punny.

Here it is (But first, you know. Stay tuned after the credits read beyond the giveaway for some more stuff.):

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I would love to share with you about journaling, tea, God, and New Orleans. Drop me a comment or send me a message.

Come alive, stay wild, and always, savor the journey!



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