by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy)

[Originally posted at Frankly, My Dear … on April 14 and October 23, 2011]

He was working with his team when I came upon the crowd gathering to watch them.
He waved at me, called me to him.
Some nearby admirers noticed the attention he paid me. “You know him?” they asked with a hint of envy. “You’re so lucky!”
I didn’t feel lucky. I felt humbled; honored.
They were well-known. Societal problem-solvers. The badged caretakers of humanity, as it were.
I approached him.
“How are you?” he asked with true concern.
“Fine,” I said, although it had been a bit of a bad day, and he could tell. He could always tell.
He protectively put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me away from the onlookers. “You’re okay.” He hugged me.
I was carrying heavy bags. I didn’t realize how heavy they were.
“Let me carry those for you,” he offered.
“It’s okay, I’ve got them,” I said, struggling under their weight.
“Let me carry those for you,” he repeated, and gently took them from me.
He guided me toward his team, each of whom I knew closely.
They each greeted me, accepting my presence into their inner circle as though I had always been there, a useful member.
“I don’t want to be in your way,” I said, not trusting their faith in me. Until I saw their faces and I knew. I belonged here. And I was gonna be okay.
“Nonsense!” he uttered. Then to his team he instructed, “Take over here, okay? I’m taking her home.”
And just like that, in spite of his work and crowds of onlookers, *I* was the most important person, and the most important matter at hand.
Not once did he stop caring for me, protecting me.
But not once did I feel undeserving.
And suddenly my bad day was no more.
“Let me introduce you,” I said, and led him back to the spectators.


Author’s Notes:

Whether it’s TV, a movie, or good book, it’s no secret I’m a big fan of crime and police dramas, all which tend to influence me.

Many years ago, I dreamt I was in a particular show, but they weren’t actors playing characters: it was a real-life world that I found myself in. I think it’s funny how, in dreams, you instinctively know and remember things that aren’t true, that never truly happened.

In this particular dream, I was friends with a team of detectives. The show itself is not what matters here. The him referenced, was the team leader. It was a very short dream, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of belonging that it left me with. The more I dwelt on it throughout the day, the more it revealed that God can use anything, even a TV-based dream, to reach us.

The perspective of my dream changed from being part of a cop drama, to being representative of how God cares for us, and notices things about us even when we ourselves are negligent. How He lightens our load, but only when we let Him. And once we recognize His greatness, He stands with us as we introduce Him to others, and pull them from the crowd to join the team.

Come alive and stay wild,
~Molly Jo

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