October with NOLA
by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy)

Autumn in New York. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. PB&J (the food, not the otters) (although, yes. Otters, too). October with NOLA. All things that go well together.

You’re gonna notice an uptick in my social media-ing (if that’s a thing.) [Well, it is now!]

Y’all have followed my journey from California to South Carolina. From writer to publisher to PUBLISHED! And I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. Where’s that Romper Room magic mirror when you need it?!

I hope you’ll join me for some fun events coming up in October:

NOLA Swarm Book Club Event

NOLA Swarm is the Facebook Group where we build a community based around New Orleans (the city) and NOLA (the book). In the month of October, we’ll read a chapter or two a day, have some fun prompts, and games. Monday evenings through November 1, there will be a live video event to discuss the book. Haven’t read it? No problem. You can still join the fun! Can’t make it every week? No worries. We take things as they come in the Big Easy. You’ll get there when you get there. But… BONUS: If ten people (or more!) commit to participating through the entire month, at the end of October, one of them will win a prize. I don’t know what that prize will be yet, but it will be pretty spiffy, I’m sure. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOLA SWARM ON FACEBOOK. 

Blue Ridge Reader Connections:

On Saturday, October 2, I’m taking over the world! (insert maniacal laughter here.) Okay, maybe not the world. (insert frowny face here.) But a happy portion of the Facebook world. (Insert satisfied smile here.) The Blue Ridge Reader Connections is a website dedicated to sharing authors to their readers. It’s a beautiful source of reference, referrals, and readers! The Facebook Group features authors from the website, and guess who it is this coming Saturday? Aww, you guessed. Oh. Wait. Right. I told you. Well, that’s okay. Come hang out throughout the day. Set your notifications to ALL. And enjoy a spot of tea, sweet or unsweet, as we play games, talk about NOLA, and get to know each other. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE BLUE RIDGE READER CONNECTIONS ON FACEBOOK. 

Instagram Book Builder Challenge

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. For readers who aren’t writers, that stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s this amazing, insomnia-inducing challenge to write 50,000 words ~ you read that right! FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS! ~ in one month. The catch? You can’t start writing until November 1. The prize? A nifty certificate of completion you can download and print. The community? A bunch of crazy writerly peeps that get together online and in person. The habit? Priceless. Ah, you say. Fifty thousand words ~ that’s right: FIFTY THOUSAND words! ~ is a lot. And if you can’t write before November 1, it can get a little sloppy. Hello, jello. Worry your jiggly heart no more. The Book Builder Binder was designed for such a purpose! Throughout the month of October, I’ll be posting daily prompts to start you on your note-taking, outline-making, book-schmaking (okay, I couldn’t find a decent rhyme there. Whatevs.) journey. You can plot your novel to your heart’s content. In fact, plotting, planning, and scheming are an author’s best friends. I’ll be using the Book Builder Binder prompts myself to work through the main details of my Denton Chase work-in-progress. CLICK HERE TO FRIEND ME/FOLLOW MY NANOWRIMO WRITING PROGRESS. Don’t worry: any writing I’ve already done won’t be added to my NaNo manuscript. What is it they say? Divide and conquer!? Yeah. We can do that. CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM POSTS.

And don’t forget your spot of tea. Yes, I’m still on my tea spree. If you have interesting tea cups, kettles, collections, and stories, I’d love to see and hear them. (I’m lookin at you, Tess!)

Molly Jo's Journals: Pewter Tea Set

Molly Jo’s Journals: Pewter Tea Set

What fun events do you have planned for October?

A book club, a not-so-global takeover, and FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS! Molly Jo's Journals: October with NOLA. And a fave quote from #NOLA. What fun events do you have planned for #October? #writingcommunity #reading #nanowrimo Click To Tweet

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Molly Jo Realy, Bohemian HurricaneAuthor of the romantic location mystery novel, NOLA, Molly Jo Realy is an award-winning writer and author coach. Known as the Bohemian Hurricane, she encourages people to embrace their unique talents to come alive and stay wild every day. Addicted to cats, coffee, and pens in no particular order.

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BTW: At the end of each post, I will share social media or marketing links, like this: Now through September 30, 2021, I will donate 50% of all proceeds from the sales of NOLA in all forms (print copy, Kindle digital, and Audible), to New Orleans hurricane relief funds. 

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