“Writing is about grabbing the reader’s attention, and telling the story only you can tell. Let your personality and experiences flow into the characters you write, read, and live.


It’s not what I write that’s unique.
It’s how I write it.”


A Southern hippiechick at heart, Molly Jo Realy is author of the romantic location mystery novel, NOLA, and creator of the Book Builder Binder. Also an editor and coach, she encourages people to embrace their unique talents to share their stories as only they can. Addicted to God, cats, tea, planners, and pens, in no particular order. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more fun!



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Book Builder Binder

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MJ's work in progress

BLINDSPOT: A Denton Chase Detective Novel
Phase:Exploratory Draft

October with NOLA

A book club, a not-so-global takeover, and FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS! Molly Jo’s Journals: October with NOLA. And a fave quote from NOLA. What fun events do you have planned for October?

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Writing and Tea Salon

What’s your favorite way to entertain guests and creativity? In this context, the idea of a salon is to gather a group of writers together for a few hours and converse on a certain topic. Authors have the opportunity to share our works, as well as our topical inspirations.

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