“Break’s Over … What’s Next?”
by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy)

“Break’s over … What’s next?” Mrs. Landingham, do you know that (abridged) quote? Well, if you know me at all, you know it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Not because my monthlong social media hiatus has ended. I mean, that’s a given, because I’m writing and you’re reading, and we’re together again. [Insert blissful, blinky-eye sigh here.]

Not because my Christmas tree is already up. Although, well. Yes.
Not because it’s time to make Doo Dads. But, yeah, that, too.

No, this #MWTOTY I’m referencing is my annual watching of The West Wing on DVD. Ainsley Hayes is the reason I drink Fresca. My peeps know me for “My friends, my daughter, my beer, and some chili!” My brother and I quote this show like it’s our native tongue.

Make a mistake? “Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong and get used to it!”
People on your last nerve? “There is literally no one in the world that I don’t hate right now.”
And of course, whenever there’s something noteworthy, “Ginger, get the popcorn!”

So again, I say,

“Break’s over … What’s next?”

I’m so glad you asked.

Let’s look back a few posts and revisit my Writing and Tea Salon entry. Wait. I just did, and saw that photo I shared with y’all. On second thought, you don’t need to go there. But I will happily show you the new photos:

Molly Jo's Journals: Writing and Tea Salon

Molly Jo’s Journals: Writing and Tea Salon

Molly Jo's Journals: Writing Desk

Molly Jo’s Journals: Writing Desk

What a difference a (few) day(s) make, amiright? Just a few more finishing touches and the room will be complete.

Here’s how it happened:
I prayed. I lost my job. I gained my health. I’ve been repurposed.

Many things were put into motion before my unemployment to let me know I’ll be more-than-okay. In addition to applying to jobs, sending resumes, and taking interviews, I’ve been able to spend the last two weeks focusing on what needed my attentions: health, home, furbabies, writing, and ministry. And they all have these in common: Faith, endurance, New Orleans, and tea.

Let’s face it. I have great ideas for the criminal underworld of New Orleans, but my heart lies in the relationships. BLINDSPOT is back to being BLINDSPOT. Y’all can ignore the temporary shift to FAMILY MATTERS. I’mma gonna tell the stories of Denton, his almost-stepdaughter Olivia, their relationship with Toni, Josie’s relationship with Rain, and Lou’s relationship with them all. Oh, and plenty of Momma Tristan and Ronna, too. Don’t worry. There’s still some major crime involved. Olivia still gets kidnapped, and Denton has to discover how much of a good guy he is to get her back.

Oh. And Josie’s going to open a tea shop. You think that might cause some conflict with Rain’s restaurant? I sense some fun NOLA novellas in the near future. Hey, we can call them NOvelLAs, yes? [Insert scrunchy-maybe-thought face here.]

I’m also working on some ideas for non-NOLA writings. I know. I’m gasping, too. But in a good way!

I have so much to share with you:

  • How one cup of tea can change a person’s life
  • How writers should look to the Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka
  • How God will patiently push you toward His goal for you
  • And how The West Wing can still inspire a sole proprietor from California to reclaim dreams she thought she misplaced

You’re a smart, savvy woman,
who could easily consider world domination as a next career move.” 

Hey, if Charlie Young believes it, why shouldn’t I?

Do you have a favorite TV show or movie you quote in everyday situations?

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Come alive, stay wild, and savor the journey!

Molly Jo Realy, Bohemian HurricaneAuthor of the romantic location mystery novel, NOLA, Molly Jo Realy is an award-winning writer and author coach. Known as the Bohemian Hurricane, she encourages people to embrace their unique talents to come alive and stay wild every day. Addicted to cats, coffee, and pens in no particular order.

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