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We all know that great quote from Forrest Gump.

And no disrespect to Mama Gump, but I think she got it wrong.

I’m on a Tom Hanks kick lately. Anyone else? Ever? My friend Lynn’s fave movie is You’ve Got Mail.

I recently introduced some friends to my favorite movie, That Thing You Do! Wait. What did you just say? You haven’t seen it yet? Ouch. I’m not sure we can still be friends… Moving on. (With the journal entry here. The friendship decision is still in limbo. Continue…)

Several times in the past few months, I’ve dreamt of finding a female tuxedo kitten named Tom Hanks. Strange dream, you say? Yes, I nod, and refrain from telling how I dreamt about every cat Bedford Manor has been owned by before they adopted us—for the past twenty years. Don’t worry, Mom. The two senior cats I have now are more than enough. I’m not searching for a new kitten. [Note to God: But it would be rude of me to refuse such a gift, so, you know. Gift away! ;)]

But back to Tom Hanks and his iconic cat namesake uhm, I mean, movie character.

“My mama always said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.’’

Yes, life is full of wonderful, sweet surprises, but it isn’t only that. More often, we’re able to pick out what we want and enjoy it. Like choosing from a menu.

My favorite restaurant feature is a really good salad bar. The kind that offers a variety of greens, vegetables, cottage cheese, dressings, nuts, toppings.

I say, “Life is like a salad,

and it can be that unique unknown tangible anything you make with what you have.”

To paraphrase another famous line from Forrest Gump,

Salad is the plate of life. You can season it, sweeten it, heat it, cool it. Dey’s pasta salad, green salad, fruit salad. Caesar salad. Caprese salad. Ambrosia salad. There’s bean salad, taco salad, Italian salad. There’s chicken salad, tuna salad, and potato salad. Greek salad, Cobb salad. Southwest salad. Waldorf salad. Wedge salad. And more.

Molly Jo's Journals: Life is Like a Salad

Molly Jo’s Journals: Life is Like a Salad


Salads are served from platters, on plates, in bowls. They can be simple greens for an individual, or exquisite concoctions of meats, cheeses, berries, and toppings to feed a gathering. Ooh, and my favorite part? Sharing! Like when Aaron had a temporary allergy to avocado, so I had to take them off his plate. And the sadness that ensued the following year when he got over it. Oops. I mean, yay for no more food allergies. #truestory. Not every person likes the same salad or builds it the same way.

We eat what’s in season, and anticipate what’s to come.

If you’re like me, you experiment now and then with flavors and textures. [Note to Self: Tuna and lemon on a roll: Good. Salmon and orange on spinach: Good. Bologna and ketchup: Bad.]

Sometimes we don’t get what we want, when we want. Sometimes it’s not always good. Like when a bug shows up at the picnic. And sometimes it’s all we have to eat for a really long time (salad, not bug). But it’s sustenance [Again: salad, not bug. Although my Marine Corps brother tells me crickets aren’t terrible]. And sooner or later we’ll find a way to change it, to make it better, or to just appreciate what we have when we have it.

READER POLL TIME: What are your favorite salad toppings?
I always go for sprouts, seeds, cheese, a little sliced meat, and a boiled egg.

And in case you’re still stuck on the chocolate theme, here’s where I remind you most salad bars offer dessert! I know, right?! Insert happy squeal here! Brownies, cookies, ice cream with sprinkles. Jell-O. Parfaits. It’s all there, as delicious and decadent as ever.

Now don’t get me wrong: I like love need a good surprise box of chocolates now and then. And I will quite often toss out the guide that tells me what’s what. Oh, c’mon, I can’t be the only one who does that, am I? We all recognize the visible difference between nuts and creams, and make decisions based on what we see.

What I’m trying to say is,

You do life your way, baby,

and you put that feta on the iceberg greens and top it with all sunflowers and pineapple you want. And maybe a dollop of chocolate pudding because you shouldn’t wait til dessert to enjoy your food life. Ain’t no judgment here.

And, P.S.: Since you read the journal this far, we can still be friends. Even if you haven’t yet watched That Thing You Do! (Although I suggest you unplug and run, run to watch it now.)

Your Turn Tuesday: Leave a comment and let me know your favorite type of salad. Or, your fave Tom Hanks movie.

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Finally, a HUGE shout out to my friend, Franklin, and his pet, Joshua J. Masters, on the launch of their amazing new devotional, A Faith Unleashed. A wonderful parallel between neglected pup Franklin’s adoption into a loving, forever family, and humankind’s adoption into God’s forever family.

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