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At the current day job, property values are always discussed. The cost of housing, the fluctuating market. Soaring rates are met with still breaths and the fear of a downfall that more often than not, doesn’t happen. I work in insurance, and we always ask the question:

What is it worth to protect what you have?

Two things happened at New Bedford recently:

  1. This month’s devotion for the ACFW-UpstateSC Writing Group was an updated version of the Penny Parable.
  2. On my way to work the other day, I saw something I have never before seen in my life: A bald eagle. In flight. #truestory.
  3. BONUS: Saturday was National Adopt a Kitten Day, and I didn’t. Huzzah! There will be no Tom Hanks tuxedos in this apartment any time soon. I know many people who are proud of me for my self-restraint.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like those things go together, right? “Oh, MoJo,” you say. “Your brain is wired so, so differently. You connect dots in unique ways.” To which I say, “Yes. Yes, it is. (Which is why I have a new affinity for bullet, or dot-grid, journaling.)”

Hey. I’m the chick who likes the snack mix, remember?

Anyway. Follow me here. I’ll try to leave good breadcrumbs.

One the tenets of the Penny Parable is the sharing of talents, not burying them. So it is no longer for sale on Amazon. In keeping with the message of counting your blessings and letting little things add up, I’m now offering a free download of the Penny Parable through my website. For now, the widget link isn’t very pretty. I’ll fix it/create a new one when I have time and energy and focus. [Translation: Ain’t enough sweet tea at 9pm to do so, but there will be at 9am on Saturday!]

It takes a hundred pennies to make a dollar. And it takes daily perseverance to overcome some challenges. Sure, now and then we’re gifted with something amazing and wonderful. But it’s the little things that add up.

In the insurance  industry, it’s my job to help others realize the value of their assets, and provide personalized product to protect those assets.  But if all you see is a 1978 Chevelle when I’m seeing a 2022 Audi, you’ll never know it’s worth. Or how to keep it safe.

How do little pennies and large eagles connect? I’m sooo glad you asked… Imagine how much different your life would be if you could see past your own horizons? What if you had a bird’s-eye view–an eagle-eye view? You could see and understand so much more.

I watched the eagle as I drove under him. His majestic wings flapping, his talons flexing. His head turning to see so much more than I could. He evaluated every movement. The eagle can tell from a far distance if that shiny thing he sees is of any value, or just a diversion. Was that branch something he could land on? Is there a rat or field animal he could grasp for breakfast? Should he swoop down or soar higher? Will he return to his nest or build a new one? The eagle knows what it can and cannot do, not just in the moment, but as it moves forward.

Do we do that? Do we look ahead and find ways to better our existence? Or do we sit still, going through the motions without really living?

Imagine knowing your worth, and the worth of life around you. Not just from where you stand now, but farther down the road. In open fields. In sunlight. From His view.

There is nothing going on in your life that He is not seeing. As an eagle can scan miles and find the tiniest mouse, God can pick your grain of sand out of the Sahara! How amazing is it to know, to be able to say,

God, I believe that You believe in me.

Because He does.

SOAR (originally published  on my other website):

Molly Jo's Journals: SOAR poem

Molly Jo’s Journals: SOAR poem

As I challenged my writer’s group, I challenge you: curate a blessings book. Call it your insurance investment. The more you try to recognize the little things, the more you’ll be able to. And the more blessings you curate, the more you’ll be blessed. List the tiny daily moments you feel happy, successful. Share the moments you did something good for someone else. Be the person you want to be. For others. For yourself. Soon you’ll see. Those little moments build mountains that you’ve already climbed.

And in case you need to hear it today, or any day,

I’m really proud of you.

Somewhere between pennies and eagles, He will find you.

Your Turn Tuesday: Leave a comment and share little ways you’ve been blessed, or how you bless others.

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