Nine Simple Self-Care Tips

On Valentine’s Day, it’s okay to love on ourselves. Heck, it’s actually okay to do that every day! In addition to a cup of tea and a great book, here are nine simple self-care tips for you and your loved ones.

National Hot Tea Month

Nearly 5,000 years ago, the wind blew some leaves into a pot of boiling water, and the world’s been drinking hot tea ever since. With over 20,000 types of tea in the world, there’s sure to be at least one you’ll enjoy. 

“Break’s Over … What’s Next?”

“Break’s Over … What’s Next?” by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy) “Break’s over … What’s next?” Mrs. Landingham, do you know that (abridged) quote? Well, if you know me at all, you know it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Not because my monthlong social media...

Perfect Timing

Perfect timing: It’s more fun when we can’t manipulate it. How does the universe conspire to bring you great moments of validation at just the right time?

October with NOLA

A book club, a not-so-global takeover, and FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS! Molly Jo’s Journals: October with NOLA. And a fave quote from NOLA. What fun events do you have planned for October?

Writing and Tea Salon

What’s your favorite way to entertain guests and creativity? In this context, the idea of a salon is to gather a group of writers together for a few hours and converse on a certain topic. Authors have the opportunity to share our works, as well as our topical inspirations.

Eight Ways to Donate to New Orleans

Donate is different than help. Many people feel they don’t have enough resources to help, or that it involves more physical action than they can offer. From a distance, it’s hard to think of ways to donate. Here’s a starting list.

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