Writing and Tea Salon

What’s your favorite way to entertain guests and creativity? In this context, the idea of a salon is to gather a group of writers together for a few hours and converse on a certain topic. Authors have the opportunity to share our works, as well as our topical inspirations.

Eight Ways to Donate to New Orleans

Donate is different than help. Many people feel they don’t have enough resources to help, or that it involves more physical action than they can offer. From a distance, it’s hard to think of ways to donate. Here’s a starting list.

Eight Jobs Writers Do

by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy) Writers gonna write, amiright? “‘Tis a puzzlement.” ~ King Mongkut of Siam, The King and I One of my mom’s favorite musicals is The King and I (1956). We used to watch it together all the time. Now that I’m on the opposite side of the...

For I Know the Plans I Have For You

by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy) Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite Bible verse. I have it on a wall plaque in my apartmen, and a good friend designed a laminated bookmark that holds prominent display on my bookcase. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the...

Journey to NOLA

In this entry for Molly Jo’s Journals, she takes us on the Journey to NOLA. “New Orleans was no longer just a place. She was a living thing.”
~NOLA, Molly Jo Realy

Forrest Gump’s Mama Got it Wrong

by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy) We all know that great quote from Forrest Gump. And no disrespect to Mama Gump, but I think she got it wrong. I’m on a Tom Hanks kick lately. Anyone else? Ever? My friend Lynn's fave movie is You've Got Mail. I recently introduced...

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