New Year 2022
by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy)

Which of these New Year’s activities are you focused on today?

  • Watching Football
  • Eating Treats
  • Setting Resolutions
  • Watching Parades
  • Establishing Your January Schedule
  • Watching Movies
  • Cleaning
  • Resting
  • Other

My word for 2022 is THRIVE. So, for the record, I’m all about the “yes.” I’mma gonna try to do some of all of the above. I don’t want to keep you from your own aforementioned activities. But I did want to touch base and say hey. I hope we all have a very happy new year. Although, let’s be real. It’s not starting out very well, is it? (#BettyWhite)

But I have to ask: Did you notice the new look to my banner pic? Do ya like it? Yeah, I’ll be trying new things, and your input means a lot.

I’ve been following my writerly friends more closely. No, not in a physical, stalkerish, right-behind-them kinda way. I mean online. It’s okay. They asked me to! And I’m picking up some fun tips on what to blog about. Plus the books 642 Things to Write About and 301 Writing Ideas. (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Here’s the thing. I’m a hodgepodge. And because of that, I haven’t well-defined my blogging style. I mean. I like writing. Love God. Enjoy Disney. Italy. Tea. Food. Coffee. Cats. Pens. New Orleans. It’s a little hard to pin me down to just one focus. But I think I found the solution (and I’m trusting y’all to tell me if I’m wrong):

God. Coffee. Tea. Food. Writing. New Orleans. Cats. Pens. And other stuff

Can I be honest with y’all? Not in a sweet tea, well bless my heart way. But a serious, sit next to me, turn off the TV, and listen as I talk way. *gulp* Okay. Here goes.

Y’all scare me. 

You do. I’m so afraid I’m gonna say, write, think, or do something to alienate you. That you’ll stop being my friend/reader/audience. So I don’t say, write, think, or do those things I want to. I’m always on self-edit mode to present the best I can to you. And I’m always telling authors to be authentic. I know, right?! Someone please, Gibbs-slap me. *thanks, Josie.*

So this is my New Year Resolution:

Be More of Me

It’s gonna take a few trial and error posts to get the balance back, but I promise I will. And I hope you’ll stick around.
I get that not everyone writes. Or goes to church. Or drinks tea. We can still be friends, can’t we? You can love dogs and Coca-Cola. I won’t hold that against you.

So here’s what I’m thinking. My blog posts (what you know as Molly Jo’s Journals) will focus on writing and God. My monthly newsletters will be the other stuff. And when there are any new writings available, well those will be special announcements. And here’s what I need from you: PATIENCE. I don’t want ya to miss out on some great content, fun facts, clickable content, giveaways, and story news.

I’m not super tech-savvy, so until I can find a new pop-up subscription plugin, I can’t differentiate between an audience who wants everything, to those of you who want only the special announcements.

Hey, you’re still here! *insert MoJo Happy Dance*! So. Here’s one of the things I’m focused on this year. God in the Ally’s. I figure there are eight aspects of everyone’s life we need to pay attention to And, coincidentally, all but one end with “-ally.” (But since that one is “creatively,” we’re gonna allow it.) An ALLY is someone who comes alongside you through the tough parts. They’re the person that sticks closer than a brother. The one who isn’t afraid to speak truth to power, and the one who will always help you out of the hole. (Yes, Matt. Two West Wing references in one sentence, just for you!) 

God is our best ALLY. You know who the second best is? Ourselves. (Like you didn’t see that one coming, right?) And because I sometimes forget it’s okay to be human, I wrote this little pledge for me. Well, for all of us:

Molly Jo's Journals: New Year Ally Pledge 2022

Molly Jo’s Journals: New Year Ally Pledge 2022

Like it? Click here for a free printable of the New Year Ally Pledge.

And, because it wouldn’t be New Year’s without them, here are links to past posts you may (I hope) still enjoy:

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Fun Fact: In the South, “Coke” is a generic term for soda, like “pop” is in the midwest. So if y’all come visit me this year [LOOKING AT YOU, BEDFORD GIRL!], you gotta order “Orange Coke.” Which isn’t coke at all, it’s just an orange soda. Also, “regular” tea means sweet. If you want it without sugar, you gotta say, “Unsweet.”

FUN CLICK–> Honda Element Platypus Commercial.

And with that, I wish you all a thriving New Year.

Happy New Year 2022! THRIVE with intentional resolutions, a free printable, and discover your life ALLY's. Also, a fave quote from #louislamour Molly Jo's Journals: New Year Ally Pledge 2022 Click To Tweet

What resolutions are you making this year? Leave a comment and share how you plan to reach your goals!

Come alive, stay wild, and savor the journey!

Molly Jo Realy, Bohemian HurricaneAuthor of the romantic location mystery novel, NOLA, Molly Jo Realy is an award-winning writer and author coach. Known as the Bohemian Hurricane, she encourages people to embrace their unique talents to come alive and stay wild every day. Addicted to cats, coffee, and pens in no particular order.

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